15+ Of The Best Notes Left For Asshole Drivers Who Don’t Know How To Park

Long term parking Otopeni:

We are confident that you have met this “genre” of drivers wherever you have traveled around the world. Especially when you are in a hurry to the airport or another destination 🙂 and you even need a parking place. – we are NOT tolerated in these situations.

The Bored Panda has an interesting collection of pictures-messages to those who park in this way.

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We invite you to park quietly and safely to us by making a reservation now.

Long-term Parking Service

online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaThe long term parking service is the main service offered by “Longparking” – Otopeni. Within our parking we have over 100 parking spaces for transit traffic in the DN1 area, Otopeni – Bucharest, Romania.

It is ideal for a success “city break” or a quick departure on business.

The Long-term Parking Service addresses the travelers on business and / or leisure who want to combine comfort with saving money. Long-term parking is not only for those who want to park their vehicles on the long term and very long to transit at an airport and those who wish not to complicate the traffic congestion in Bucharest – coming on the northern route (DN1) of the capital can park long term safe from us.

Long-term parking service offer free transfer from the airport departures terminal, with “Longparking.ro” cars and …
… another transfer can be made to the Free Press Square where you can access various urban transport routes so you don’t spoil your weekend by heavy traffic in Bucharest once you get with your vehicle on the Route DN1 (North).

On return you may request, by phone*, a free transfer from the airport or from the Free Press Square to the long-term parking lot, to your vehicle – any time, any day of the week.

* For security reasons, the call will be made by the phone number that you used for booking the long-term parking place. If by accidental reasons this is not possible please have prepared a document proving that you own the vehicle with the registration plates long-term parked in our parking system.


Meet & Greet (Valet Parking) Parking Procedures

  1. Book online or by phone the Meet & Greet service (valet parking), you receive a confirmation by e-mail with the pro forma invoice and make the payment (bank transfer or cash).
  2. Please provide us with departure times at the airport, so we can schedule your appointment, transfer and takeover the vehicle in the best possible time at the airport departures terminal.
  3. We suggest you bring a backup of keys in case you want to access other services and maintenance for the vehicle long-term parked to us. The keys backup is not mandatory but is indicated. If you are NOT in a hurry, we suggest you specify us all the specific aspects for the use of your vehicle.
  4. The car will be parked for a long-term in our officially & secure park – full time video monitore . On request you may receive an IP account for you to view the vehicle throughout the stay in our long-term parking lot from Otopeni – Bucharest – Ploiesti (DN1) – Romania.

Meet & Greet (Valet Parking)

V.I.P. intended, the rush ones

online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaThis type of service for long term parking is suitable for any length of vehicle parking.

Meet & Greet offers the convenience of leaving the keys with our team, at the airport, then we will park your vehicle.

We park the car for you in our secure parking area with full video surveillance. You receive an access code to the video surveillance interface of the V.I.P. area. You can check the vehicle throughout the long-term parking stationing at “Longparking.ro” – any time of day, any day of the week.

A row of keys may stay with us throughout the long-term stationing in the parking lot if you want other services that require access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle, moving the vehicle, turning on and off the alarm system.

Entry the long-term parking

  1. Book one or more long-term parking spots by online bookings form or by phone at: +40751 606 650.
  2. Please provide us with departure times at the airport, so we can schedule the best possible airport transfer.
  3. Once long-term booking is confirmed by our online reservation system and you will be notified via email that the reservation has been accepted, we look forward to meet you at the set time. We will assist you with the parking and we will arrange the transfer to the airport or the destination of your choice – from the north area (DN1).
    Have a pleasant trip!

If you have reserved Meet & Greet (Valet Parking) service, we suggest visiting Meet & Greet (Valet Parking) parking procedures.
If you have not booked any of the long-term parking service, we suggest you visiting the Online Booking Procedure page.

Cash payments

For cash payments we suggest you have your amount specified on the pro forma invoice accurate, if possible, to avoid possible delays *.

Please carefully check  the pro forma invoice you received after you made your reservation to us, and, if you are unsure or have changes to made to the services ordered, please contact us immediately for modifications. *

Do not leave this to the last minute!

Long-term parking

Our staff offers invoice and receipt, if payment in cash, upon your arrival to the “Longparking” long-term parking area and will receive payment amount for the service or services specified on the invoice. No other amendment to the invoice is possible at that moment – everything is in your interest to be transferred to the airport in the best possible time.

Meet & Greet (Valet Parking)

Our valet offers invoice and receipt, if payment in cash, upon your arrival to the departures terminal of Henri Coandă Otopeni International Airport – for the time of the meeting & greeting (valet parking).


*Our staff does its best to make the transfer to your destination as quickly and therefore we make these recommendations. Thank you for understanding.

Online Booking Procedures


  1. online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaSelect the parking days into our long-term parking area from Otopeni by the monthly tables listed on the online booking page, click or tap (smart phone) PER EACH number of days (do not select an range of days for parking but click on each parking day). For more than 3 months, please contact us.
  2. Fill in your Name and the REAL Plate Number of your car for us to identify you at the airport or when you long-term parking the vehicle. – We must know whom to return the vehicle. ? Don’t we?
  3. Fill in your REAL e-mail address to which you have later access and where you will receive confirmation of your booking and you will receive the pro forma invoice that you may pay for the counter value of the long-term parking services that you have reserved.
  4. Choose one of the long-term parking services offered in the Services field.
  5. Fill in a REAL Phone number where we can communicate with your; that it may make proof of the truthfulness of the booking You will NOT receive advertising messages and we will NOT publish your phone number.
  6. Add any other Details regarding your long-term parking to us. Please provide us with departure times at the airport, so we can schedule your appointment, transfer or takeover of the vehicle in the best possible time from / to airport departures terminal.
  7. Fill in the anti-spam confirmation. By this you are making the proof that you are not a malicious software.
  8. Press SEND. Done! You have booked a long-term parking in Otopeni, near Bucharest. Wait for the approval of the reservation to be sent to the e-mail you have provided us.
  9. When your booking has been approved, by our staff, you will receive an confirmation e-mail.

We suggest you consult page for procedures and payments.

Thanks and we look forward to meet you!

We suggest you refer to page for: long-term parking entrance procedures or procedures page for Meet & Greet parking (Valet Parking).

To Henri Coandă International Airport

LongParking is located in the northern Bucharest area on Bucharest-Ploiesti Road (DN1) with direct access to the exit from Bucharest to Ploiesti to Henri Coanda International Airport, Otopeni – Romania.

From our long-term parking, you reach the Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni in about 3 minutes.

To Piața Presei Libere

Under normal traffic conditions, the transfer point of the Free Press Market area, from the long-term “LongParking” in Otopeni, is reached in about 10 minutes.

We suggest that you keep in mind that from 17:00 to 20:00 it is the most traveled traffic on the way of entering Bucharest and it can exceed even 45 minutes – an hour. We suggest that you avoid this period of time and if it is not possible to avoid it, please consider the delay.

Please consult the „area map” for better visual orientation.