Entry the long-term parking

  1. Book one or more long-term parking spots by online bookings form or by phone at: +40751 606 650.
  2. Please provide us with departure times at the airport, so we can schedule the best possible airport transfer.
  3. Once long-term booking is confirmed by our online reservation system and you will be notified via email that the reservation has been accepted, we look forward to meet you at the set time. We will assist you with the parking and we will arrange the transfer to the airport or the destination of your choice – from the north area (DN1).
    Have a pleasant trip!

If you have reserved Meet & Greet (Valet Parking) service, we suggest visiting Meet & Greet (Valet Parking) parking procedures.
If you have not booked any of the long-term parking service, we suggest you visiting the Online Booking Procedure page.