Best parking prices in Otopeni


  • Quick and simple online booking
  • If you choose to book online, you should consider a longer time to be transferred to the airport (maximum 30 minutes).
  • Straight to the airport (no deviation from the DN1 route)
  • Airport transfers included (3 minutes transfer)
  • Perfect for business and leisure
  • Safe area – full-time video monitoring
  • Good lighting – for arrivals during the dark hours.
Prices| ServicesLong-term ParkingMeet & Greet (Valet Parking)
Price / 1 day50 lei (RON)150 lei (RON)
Price / 2 days100 lei (RON)250 lei (RON)
Price 3 days (72h)150 lei (RON)350 lei (RON)
Price 4 days (96h)200 lei (RON)400 lei (RON)
Price 5 days...(+)220 lei (+20 lei (RON) /day)500 lei (+ 100 lei (RON) /day)


Use the form below to make a reservation online for a long-term parking in Otopeni, Bucharest - Romania.You can also call to: 0751 606 650 (office) 0751 606 650 (office). We operate 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
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Before making a reservation, we suggest you visit the page Online Booking Procedures.

1 - Select the parking days in our long-term parking...
2 - Fill in your REAL name and registration number of your car to be identified ...
3 - Complete REAL e-mail address to which you have later access and where you ...
4 - Choose one of the extra services offered in field services. Service Meet & Greet ... [more]

We suggest you visit the page for Payment Procedures.

Please carefully check the pro forma invoice you received after you made your reservation to us, and, if you are unsure or have changes to made to the services ordered, please contact us immediately for modifications ...[more]

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