Long-term Parking Service

online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaThe long term parking service is the main service offered by “Longparking” – Otopeni. Within our parking we have over 100 parking spaces for transit traffic in the DN1 area, Otopeni – Bucharest, Romania.

It is ideal for a success “city break” or a quick departure on business.

The Long-term Parking Service addresses the travelers on business and / or leisure who want to combine comfort with saving money. Long-term parking is not only for those who want to park their vehicles on the long term and very long to transit at an airport and those who wish not to complicate the traffic congestion in Bucharest – coming on the northern route (DN1) of the capital can park long term safe from us.

Long-term parking service offer free transfer from the airport departures terminal, with “Longparking.ro” cars and …
… another transfer can be made to the Free Press Square where you can access various urban transport routes so you don’t spoil your weekend by heavy traffic in Bucharest once you get with your vehicle on the Route DN1 (North).

On return you may request, by phone*, a free transfer from the airport or from the Free Press Square to the long-term parking lot, to your vehicle – any time, any day of the week.

* For security reasons, the call will be made by the phone number that you used for booking the long-term parking place. If by accidental reasons this is not possible please have prepared a document proving that you own the vehicle with the registration plates long-term parked in our parking system.