Meet & Greet (Valet Parking)

V.I.P. intended, the rush ones

online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaThis type of service for long term parking is suitable for any length of vehicle parking.

Meet & Greet offers the convenience of leaving the keys with our team, at the airport, then we will park your vehicle.

We park the car for you in our secure parking area with full video surveillance. You receive an access code to the video surveillance interface of the V.I.P. area. You can check the vehicle throughout the long-term parking stationing at “” – any time of day, any day of the week.

A row of keys may stay with us throughout the long-term stationing in the parking lot if you want other services that require access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle, moving the vehicle, turning on and off the alarm system.