Online Booking Procedures


  1. online-booking-click-click-go-long-term-parking-carparking-otopeni-bucharest-romaniaSelect the parking days into our long-term parking area from Otopeni by the monthly tables listed on the online booking page, click or tap (smart phone) PER EACH number of days (do not select an range of days for parking but click on each parking day). For more than 3 months, please contact us.
  2. Fill in your Name and the REAL Plate Number of your car for us to identify you at the airport or when you long-term parking the vehicle. – We must know whom to return the vehicle. ? Don’t we?
  3. Fill in your REAL e-mail address to which you have later access and where you will receive confirmation of your booking and you will receive the pro forma invoice that you may pay for the counter value of the long-term parking services that you have reserved.
  4. Choose one of the long-term parking services offered in the Services field.
  5. Fill in a REAL Phone number where we can communicate with your; that it may make proof of the truthfulness of the booking You will NOT receive advertising messages and we will NOT publish your phone number.
  6. Add any other Details regarding your long-term parking to us. Please provide us with departure times at the airport, so we can schedule your appointment, transfer or takeover of the vehicle in the best possible time from / to airport departures terminal.
  7. Fill in the anti-spam confirmation. By this you are making the proof that you are not a malicious software.
  8. Press SEND. Done! You have booked a long-term parking in Otopeni, near Bucharest. Wait for the approval of the reservation to be sent to the e-mail you have provided us.
  9. When your booking has been approved, by our staff, you will receive an confirmation e-mail.

We suggest you consult page for procedures and payments.

Thanks and we look forward to meet you!

We suggest you refer to page for: long-term parking entrance procedures or procedures page for Meet & Greet parking (Valet Parking).